Nottingham has many stories that make it the city we know today. These stories have more truth in them than you thought.

Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood - Nottingham Sherwood Forest - Nottingham

We all know the story of the famous Robin Hood. He stole from the rich to give to the poor. But, did you know that not only were many of the streets, buildings and institutions in this city named after him, but he also has several festivals and events dedicated to him! Robin was said to live in the Major Oak Tree in Sherwood Forest which actually exists and is the biggest oak tree in England!

Caves and Castles

There are many caves under Nottingham and they are mostly man-made. The most famous one is called Mortimer’s Cave which is said to be haunted by local nobleman Roger Mortimer.

Mortimer's Cave - Nottingham Nottingham Castle - Nottingham

Mortimer’s cave is located under Nottingham Castle which dates back from the 17th century and was built on sandstone cliffs that were 40 metres high!

Goose Fair

Nottingham’s Goose fair is one of the oldest and largest fairs in the UK. It dates back to the 13th century and its name comes from the thousands of geese that were taken from Lincolnshire to be sold at the fair in Nottingham.

Goose Fair - Nottingham Goose Fair Geese - Nottingham

Over a million people enjoy the rides, food and sideshows every year in October.


Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem - Nottingham Rock City - Nottingham Theatre Royal - Nottingham

There are many forms of entertainment in Nottingham, here is just a few. Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem is one of the oldest pubs in England and is situated near the Nottingham Castle. It dates back to 1189 and in the bar is a model ship and it is said that anyone who cleans it will die.

From old pubs to famous clubs. Rock City is one of the many clubs and live music venues in Nottingham and first opened in 1980. Its first gig was cancelled, which was meant to be Iron Maiden, and it’s the only venue in the city to host David Bowie. Other than that, it’s an all-round good club and live music venue.

On the completely opposite end of the spectrum, another venue in Nottingham is the Theatre Royal. It opened in 1865 and is part of the city’s Royal Centre which also holds the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. The Theatre Royal attracts major touring dramas, opera, ballet, West End musicals and an annual pantomime.

Lace Market

The lace market is an historic Nottingham neighbourhood and was once a major centre for lace making. It is now the home of shops and restaurants as well as a 22 seat cinema which is one of the world’s smallest cinemas.

Lace Market - Nottingham 16 Pilcher Gate - Nottingham

16 Pilcher Gate is located in the historic Lace Market of Nottingham so come stay if you want to explore Nottingham!