We all know Nottingham is well known for Robin Hood and its famous “Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem”, the oldest pub in the UK. But there are still some secrets to this city you may not have known about. Here are the top 3 things to come out of Nottingham.

HP Sauce

HP-SauceSo we all know it can be a tough decision when choosing red or brown sauce, but did you know you may not have had that choice at all without one Frederick Gibson Garton, a shopkeeper in Nottingham. He came up with the recipe for the famous HP sauce. He created it in Basford in his grocery shop. Did you also know that he sold it for a small price of £150 to Edwin Samson Moore to settle some unpaid bills?




Another ingenious creation to come out of Nottingham is the wonder drug, Ibuprofen. It was made by Dr Stewart Adams who, in 2007, admitted testing the drug out on a hangover. It is now used to treat all types of aches and pains.


Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh BikesAnd finally the most famous thing to come out Nottingham, Raleigh Bikes. There were plenty of factories on Triumph Road and thousands of people were employed for these factories. The last bike to have “Made in Nottingham” on the frame left the production line in 2002. However, a design and distribution centre does still exist in Eastwood.



So there you have it. Three things you may not have known came out of Nottingham that have probably impacted your life one way or another.